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Advanced Paternal Age and Endocrine Disruptors: Two Causes of Psychiatric Disorders in Children, with DNA Methylation Dys-Regulation as a Common Biochemical Mechanism 

par Dr. Yves MENEZO, Dr. Edouard SERVY, Dr. Marc COHEN, Dr. Patrice CLEMENT

Endometriosis pathogenesis : role played by MTHFR mutations 

par Dr. Arthur CLEMENT, Dr. Dominique CORNET, Dr. Silvia ALVAREZ, Dr. Edouard AMAR, Dr. Laetitia JACQUESSON, Dr. Charles BRAMI, Dr Géraldine VIOT, Dr Patrice CLEMENT, Dr. Yves MENEZO

Oxidative Stress (OS) and DNA Methylation Errors in Reproduction. A Place for a Support of the One Carbon Cycle (1-C Cycle) before Conception 

par Dr. Erica SILVESTRIS, Dr. Marc COHEN, Dr. Yves MENEZO

MTHFR Testing in ART Should be Compulsory for both Male and Female Patients Including Oocyte Donation Programs

par Dr. Laetitia JACQUESSON-FOURNOIS, Dr.Edouard SERVY, Dr. Brian DALE, Dr. Arthur CLEMENT,  Dr. Yves MENEZO

Let’s Slow Down the Race for Oocyte Donation: A Plea for Better Management of Young Women with Reduced Ovarian Reserve

par Dr. Dominique CORNET, Dr. Silvia ALVAREZ, Dr. Laetitia JACQUESSON-FOURNOIS, Dr. Marc COHEN,  Dr. Elder Kay, Dr. Yves MENEZO

Link Between Increased Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder Syndromes and Oxidative Stress, DNA Methylation, and Imprinting: The Impact of the Environment

par Dr. Yves MENEZO, Dr. Kay Elder, Dr. Brian Dale

Supporting the One-Carbon Cycle Restores Ovarian Reserve in Subfertile Women: Absence of Correlation with Urinary Bisphenol A Concentration

par Dr. Erica SILVESTRIS, Dr. Marc COHEN, Dr. Dominique CORNET, Dr. Laetitia JACQUESSON-FOURNOIS, Dr. Patrice CLEMENT, Dr. Jacques CHOUTEAU, Dr. Marc SCHNEIDER, Dr. Thierry BESNARD, Dr. Yves MENEZO

Methylenetrahydrofolate Reductase (MTHFR) C677T ISOFORM Explains some heavy infertility. Background and solutions: a preliminary report

par Dr. Arthur CLEMENT, Dr. Dominique CORNET, Dr. Marc COHEN, Dr. Laetitia JACQUESSON-FOURNOIS, Dr. Edouard AMAR, Dr. Patrice CLEMENT, Dr. Yves MENEZO

Evaluation of sperm DNA structure, fragmentation and decondensation: an essential tool in assessment of male infertility

par Dr. Patrice CLEMENT, Dr. Yves MENEZO, Dr. Edouard AMAR

Impact of MTHFR isoform C667T on fertility through sperm DNA fragmentation index (DFI) and sperm nucleus decondensation (SDI)

par Dr. Arthur CLEMENT et Dr. Patrice CLEMENT

Unraveling The Role of Seminal Fluid Exosomes Within The Male Reproductive Tract

par Dr. Arthur CLEMENT

The mitochondrial DNA content of cumulus granulosa cells is linked to embryo quality

par Dr. Arthur CLEMENT